Monday 7 January 2013

Second week of taming

After cleaning the cage nearly everyday and saying hi to my birdies every time I pass by. It's finally paying off and they seem to be taking a liking to me. I cooked a soup with veggies last night and gave them the button half and they seem to be loving it. I spray them water everyday for a bath and play. I can now touch them without scarring them off and flying around everywhere. :-) I have a picture above touching their beaks. The other day I asked them if I can pet them and they turned around and let me touch their tails. It's an amazing feeling. I am loving them even more. It takes a lot of effort but it's worth it in the end. My only advice for budgie owners trying to tame is put the cage where you always walk pass is the first step of spending more time with them without taking so much of your time. I can't wait for next week progress. They becoming closer to me everyday. Till then have a good night everyone. :-)

Monday 31 December 2012

Progress for today: Cleaning the cage? Meaning birdies need to come out of the cage!!!

HOPE EVERYONES HAVING A FABOLOUS AND SAFE NEW YEAR! :-) I decided to give the new cage a full cleaning today. Whilst cleaning I've thought to myself all the toys that I can add into my birdies home. I got so excited and it only took me half an hour to clean the cage inside and out. Now... To try and bring the cuties back in without chasing them and getting frustrated I decided to make them fly around and maybe they could find their way in on their own. An hour later, I checked on my lil boys and they are too busy playing so I decided to try tame lil Heaven and Earth out from their cage. What happened? I ended up sitting on the floor for 45 minutes with a treat in my hand (trying not to move a muscle) and not one fell to my trap (sad face). Three hours later, I finally got them in their cage by trying to lure Earth to eat from their food bowl and slowly bringing him in the cage then Heaven followed. After watching them get comfortable being back in the cage, I decided it's time to put my hands in and try to gain their trust. It usually takes a while for them to eat treats from my hand but this time it only took less than 5 minutes and they are eating!! I can feel them getting more comfortable with me around instead of flying all over the place when I come near them. This is an exciting day and with some good progress. Im hopeing for a better progress this week. :-)

Sunday 30 December 2012

First ever blog about my lil buddies.

Hello everyone!

First of all, please let me introduce to you my lil buddies name Heaven (female) and Earth (male). I got them from a pet store when they were only few weeks old. I have my most regret letting them out their cage without knowing I should have tamed them first. :-( I have been chasing them to get them back into their cage (which is horrible as they don't trust me at all now).  But it don't matter! I'm not giving up just yet! Started my journey to try do the right thing last week. First step was Google as much information as I can and got them a bigger cage. Half an hour (3 or 4 times a day) of putting my hands in the cage with ofcourse "treats" and so far I strongly believe I'm gaining the little ones trust back. As of today, my little heaven hopped on top of my hand and fully observing what my intentions are. I'm a happy Jan with a sore arms and numb legs. Lol. What a progress and will be starting all over again soon. ;-) but for now.. Getting ready for the new years eve celebration. Happy Safe New Years to all!