Monday 7 January 2013

Second week of taming

After cleaning the cage nearly everyday and saying hi to my birdies every time I pass by. It's finally paying off and they seem to be taking a liking to me. I cooked a soup with veggies last night and gave them the button half and they seem to be loving it. I spray them water everyday for a bath and play. I can now touch them without scarring them off and flying around everywhere. :-) I have a picture above touching their beaks. The other day I asked them if I can pet them and they turned around and let me touch their tails. It's an amazing feeling. I am loving them even more. It takes a lot of effort but it's worth it in the end. My only advice for budgie owners trying to tame is put the cage where you always walk pass is the first step of spending more time with them without taking so much of your time. I can't wait for next week progress. They becoming closer to me everyday. Till then have a good night everyone. :-)

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